Year Round Programs

While visiting Grand Vue Park be sure to try one of our many programs we have to offer.


Held every Sat at the Pool Club Room. Doors open at 3:30pm & Bingo begins at 6:00pm.

Packets consisting of 20 games (16 regular & 4 special) $15.00 each. Additional  packets may be purchased @ $5.00 each.

Snack bar is available.

Smoking is not permitted inside the Pool Club Room.


Yoga at Grand Vue Park

Yoga at Grand Vue Park is held the last Monday of every month at 6pm in the banquet hall. Carrie White is the instructor and has been teaching yoga at Grand Vue Park for over 9 years.

This class is for all levels from beginners to advanced yogis. Classes are $6 each or $45 for 10.

Fun Fitness

Fun Fitness Exercises

This isn’t your typical aerobic fitness class, we make fitness FUN! This fitness class consists of Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training with Weights, Cardio, MMA, HIIT, self-defense, Core, and so much more! We welcome all levels and ages – seriously,

If you are new to fitness this class is for YOU! We focus on boosting those positive vibes and self-image. Join us on Tuesdays at 6pm at Grand Vue Park’s main office/banquet hall to help feel better and learn to love your amazing self!

Classes will be held outside when weather permits! Classes are $6 each or $45 for 10.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching at Grand Vue Park

Enjoy nature and all of the beautiful birds that can be found in West Virginia at our Bird Feeding Stations. Get a pair of binoculars from our office and get a closer look at the winged creatures flying around Grand Vue Park.