The Trails of Grand Vue Park

Whether you are trying to keep your step count up or just want to take a leisurely stroll, Grand Vue Park’s hiking trails gives you a great place to experience the outdoors.

Hiking at Grand Vue Park

We have over 12 miles of trails that give you access to bird watch, run, walk, and bike.

We invite you to explore our trails!

Please check the kiosk at the trailhead for up-to-date trail information.

  • Unless noted, trails begin at the “Trails of Grand Vue Park” Trailhead
  • Pets are welcome, please keep them leashed and controlled
  • In certain locations trails intertwine, please watch for bikers

Yellow Trail

The yellow trail is our 4-mile slow roll bike and walking trail. If you happen to hear some buzzing, don’t be alarmed! The trail goes under and around our zipline canopy tour. The yellow trail terrain is manicured grass and is approximately 6 foot wide. As you walk around the trail take advantage of our 12 fitness stations! We have everything from pull-up bars to sit-up areas. If you need a break or just want to take in the stunning sounds and views of nature, there are plenty of benches throughout the trail. The yellow trail will take you through open fields and thick woods and bring you back to the trailhead parking area.

Blue Trail

Located behind the Banquet Hall and our Main Office, the Blue Trail connects to the 4-mile Yellow Trail.

Green Trail

The ½ mile Green Trail is an off shoot from the Yellow Trail located near the 2.5 area. The Green Trail has rough terrain that consists of rocks, roots and dirt and is very narrow in some areas. On the green trail you will see our largest rock pyramid in the park! There is a large rock face and plenty of areas to explore! The Green Trail is our most difficult trail regarding footing.

Orange Trail

The Orange Trail is our challenging 7-mile single track mountain bike trail. The entrance to the single-track trail is about 50 yards on the right past the “Trails of Grand Vue Park” trailhead. The single-track trail is full of excitement! Bikers will experience short steep climbs, rock and dirt jumps, and bridges that will shoot you over ravines. The 7-mile loop begins and ends at the trailhead. Learn more about Mountain Biking here.