Executive Par 3

Executive Par 3

The Grand Vue Park’s Executive Par 3 Golf Course offers what many consider to be the most challenging Par 3 course in the country. With 9 holes carved into a wooded countryside, a golfer is guaranteed to experience a beautiful course with a challenging difficulty level.

The Barn is the Golf Center, you check in and pay at the barn from 12:00pm – 8:00pm.  Prior to 12:00pm we ask that you pay at the Park office to receive your receipt.


9 holes – $5.00

All prices are per person and are subject to 6% state sales tax.

Grand Vue Park Golf Course Measurements

Hole #1 Left Tee: 86 Yards Right Tee: 82 Yards
Hole #2 Left Tee : 108 Yards Back Right Tee: 128 Yards
Hole #3 Far Back Tee: 109 Yards Middle Tee: 97 Yards Upper Left Tee: 69 Yards
Hole #4 Back Tee: 98 Yards Upper Left Tee:    69 Yards
Hole #5 Upper Tee: 69 Yards Back Tee: 90 Yards
Hole #6 Back Tee: 93 Yards Upper Right Tee: 66 Yards
Hole #7 157 Yards
Hole #8 80 Yards
 Hole #9 Upper Left Tee: 67 Yards Back Right Tee: 104 Yards