Mountain Biking Trails

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Grand Vue Park’s recently renovated mountain biking trails cover 21 miles of hilly terrain throughout the park with scenic stops along the way. The trail is marked with an orange diamond blaze system with a reflective border to aid night rides. Usually starting at the main office, riders start at the double track and ride to the Mountain Bike Trailhead. The course is technical in some areas and is geared towards intermediate and advanced riders. There is a hiking and biking friendly 4 mile double track for novice and beginner riders. More trails for beginners will be coming soon along with a skill building course. All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet, you are riding at your own risk. Be sure to check out our schedule of events that include 5ks, mountain bike group rides and races, trail walks, and volunteer trail maintenance days.


Grand Vue Park Trail Map

Click the link below for the Grand Vue Park trail section on the West Virginia Trail Inventory. You can access the trail from your mobile device from this website.

Guided Hiking Tour

Hikers will have a guided tour on Grand Vue Park’s mountain biking trails. The trails offer scenic views of the park and surrounding areas. Hike includes 1 set of binoculars. Distance is based off of participants desired pace.

2 hour tour- $20.00 per person (2 hour tour).

Group Rides

Group rides are held weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesday rides starts at 6:00 p.m. meeting at the Trail Center near the Main Office. Saturday rides start at 11:00 a.m. beginning at the Trail Center near the Main Office. Both group rides are self guided rides. Be sure to wear a helmet when utilizing the trails and always hydrate properly. After the ride enjoy some food and beverage from Mason Dixon BBQ Co at the Trailhead Grille.

Guide services are available with 24 hour notification by calling the main office at (304) 845-9810 ext. 403 or Todd Hager at (304) 280-1834.

Guided Mountain Bike Tours

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We are now offering guided tours of our mountain bike trails. Guided tours are available for all skill levels. We also have a one hour skill building class for the novice or beginner rider. Call our Main Office at 304-845-9810 ext. 403 to book of for more information.

Bike Rentals

Grand Vue Park is offering TREK Marlin 6s and X-Caliber 7s as rental bikes. Multiple sizes available. Call for sizing.

Hourly Rental– $25.00 per hour per person (up to 4 hours).

Day Rental– $60.00 per person (includes 8-hour timeslot).

All rentals will include helmet and a keepsake Grand Vue Park water bottle.

Please call the Main Office at (304) 845-9810 ext. 403 to reserve your spot today!

Family Bike Ride

Experience some beautiful rolling hills and spectacular scenery throughout the park.

4 mile double track/walking trail, roughly 1 hour– $10 per hour per person with own bike ( 1-4 people) / $8 per hour per person (5-10 people) / $40 per person with rental.

Single Track Session (for intermediate and advanced riders)

Riders will be following the orange diamond blaze system throughout and around the landscape of the park. Riders will encounter some technical and flowing single tracks that have hill climbs, downhill, and some of the amazing views that the park has to offer.

4 miles single track– $10 per hour per person with own bike ( 1-4 people) / $8 per hour per person (5-10 people) / $50 per person with rental.

8 miles single track– $15 per hour per person with own bike (1-4 people) / $12 per hour per person (5-10 people) / $80 per  person with rental.

15-20 miles single track– $13 per hour per person with own bike (1-4 people) / $20 per hour per person (5-10 people) / $100 per person with rental.

Additional rental hours may be added if timeslot is available.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! We care about the safety of out guests and patrons of the park.

Intro to Mountain Biking Skill Building Course

1 hour class-$60-with own bike / $100 with rental.

Participants will learn the basics of mountain biking and trail riding. This class will cover how to handle rocky terrain, how to negotiate root sections, braking, cornering, hill climbs, downhill, and a bike safety check. Not only will we take you on the trail, but we will teach you the necessary skills to negotiate all of the obstacles and terrain at Grand Vue Park.

Night Rides

For the more adventerous, night rides are available in conjunction with the night Zip Line rides. Riders must have their own helmets and lights. Check out our activities calendar for dates and times.

Volunteer Trail Maintenance Days

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Check out our events calendar for information to volunteer for our monthly trail maintenance days. Volunteers will assist in development of man-made obstacles and building and maintaining sustainable mountain bike trails. Contact the Main Office at 304-845-9810 ext. 403 for more information.